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User of Gorilla Glue
I own a HZ Mini Cub...yeah the baby one. And i was wondering if my plane could fly with a 8 ounce action cam mounted under the wing on the side of the fuselage. i really want to get some videos but i am to chicken to test fly with my $150 camera on my only plane. so...will it fly?


Stock motor and three channel? I wouldn't be comfortable putting a $150 camera on it. You can buy an inexpensive, small HD camera for very little money.

Here's one of those. http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__17200__HD_Wing_Camera_1280x720p_30fps_5MP_CMOS.html

There is also the 808 keychain cam. I had one and really liked it. Then I landed in the ocean. Not good for electronics. You can find them on ebay, but have to be careful to be sure you aren't buying a poor imitation.