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Questions about video editing ( ask here )

Anything about the process of importing, cutting, splitting, or effects, filters you name it You can ask it I will try to answer all questions.

My setup ( Adobe Premiere Pro cc 2017, Adobe After Effects cc 2017, and Adobe Photoshop cc 2017 )
I know you will not all have these fancy premium softwares but I and others on this forum have worked with free softwares before working our way to higher end ones.

Ask away :):D
P.S. You guys, I am no expert nor do I pretend to be If you have a question I can't answer definitely refer to other people :p I have been editing for myself and others for over a year so I am still learning myself :)


Wake up! Time to fly!
hehe where were you last year at this time when I was learning how to chop n crop..

I am currently working with a free program called VSDC editor. I have both the video and the sound version which btw is great for converting music into playable files for your Taranis. I have not worried about better software as my cameras are crap. My main one recently gave up on itself so I am down to only FPV flight cam vids for now.
Ah I have a background in editing screen recorded stuff I am going to order a runcam 3 to mount on my quad and start an fpv youtube soon. I have taught several people how to edit and I edit for several you tube channels myself :p so if you ever do decide to upgrade give me a call :p

I am currently working with a free program called VSDC editor.
That is the first editor I ever used :p it's actually not the bad :) you learn the essentials from it :D ( My only problem was it would always freeze on my computer idk why :p )
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