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Questions on how to enlarge plans


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Hi Everyone,

I have a few questions on how to enlarge plans. My first thought was to chance a setting in the printer set-up of what I was going to print out. I went and chanced the default to 150%. I got only or part of the plans printed at 150%. The original file has only 17 pages. That is all that printed out was 17 pages at 150%. How do I get all the pages to print out ? Or do I have to draw it out and do the math to get the size correct ? I was hoping the printer could do this job. The plans that I am working on is the Tiny Trainer at 150%. I have another thread going on talking about 150% Tiny Trainer.

Open to all input,


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Take the A4 sheets to a copy shop, get them printed 150%. No software required!
Thanks. Good idea. Al

I do have a question. There is only 2 choices of plans. Full plans or Tiled plans. I don't know what the A4 sheets are. Can you help me. Thanks.
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A4 plans are in tiled, you can take the full size plans digitally to a print shop and have them print them at a size of your choosing as well.