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Quick tip suggestion: Prop savers.

Just thought i would put this idea out here for one of the quick tip episodes. You could show the different types of prop savers there are and how to properly fit a prop saver onto a motor, and what do look for/ avoid when fitting it.

Anyone else feel free to chime in!



Full Circle
Also perhaps mention that propsavers can break rather easily and if you want more resilient propsavers, you can buy those exercise bands, therabands... and cut them to form little propsavers. Those types are really elasitc and will not break that easily.

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
One problem with very soft and elastic propsaver bands is that they don't hold very well. They can let the prop move and cause vibrations. Personally I don't care if I break a hundred props, I want it keep from bending the motor shaft. Stiffer bands work better for me.


Full Circle
Sorry, I should clarify what I meant by elastic. the propsaver from the exercise bands are what I guess you can call stiff, but they are elastic because they do not snap very easily when stretched, or not brittle. They hold the propeller very tightly and you can hardly move the propeller at all, which is sort of good and sort of bad...

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Ahh, I see. I have tried both, except making ones myself. I like putting the soft ones on but I've run into a few problems with powerful setups where if you watch closely you can see the prop actually pull away from the motor. It usually starts walking all over and shakes like crazy and stops making thrust. I ran out of the ones I like though so I'm somewhat stuck with what I have left lol.


I like big leccy planes
I find they're only any use on indoor type small foamy planes, as they're low enough power and will often hit something (e.g. a wall)
I use 2 small rubber bands on indoor planes on my Turnigy 2204 motors

1 is not strong enough but 2 is OK
I replaced the 2 small grub screws with something with bigger heads holding the bands in place - making it harder for them to come loose at high revs.

On bigger planes I mount the prop in a regular fashion.


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Anything over a 300 or 370 needs a regular prop mount. For my indoor stuff I only use prop savers
Yeah- as much as I hate to I'm gonna have to sort of disagree with you there.
I run prop savers on my 1700kv (480 size?) motors.
But, these are all pusher configuration.
In other words, the O ring holds the prop in place on the prop saver, but the thrust of the propeller is always pushing the prop onto the prop saver instead of pulling it away from it.

I use mostly #12 O rings from the local hardware store.

I also use LOTS of blue locktite, not only on the threads but on the shaft too.
It's very seldom I have a prop saver failure.

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
Well, that would definitely change things up. I don't have any pushers, guess I should have mentioned the configuration. Good point.
jetpackninja, Crash test hobby wing? It's funny that i posted this thread, because yesterday i was out flying my Pelican (From crash test hobby) and i was pulling a loop at pretty much full throttle and i heard a strange whizzing noise...:confused: then i noticed my prop AND prop saver decided to go for their own little flight.. I am running a 1650Kv motor with a 1500mah 3s battery. Also, i had a bunch of lock tight on the screws and shaft, so i would say that motor is a little much for a prop saver with no modifications to the shaft of the motor.

Side note: This was my first flying experience with a decent sized plane and it went wonderfully, i was pulling loops and snap rolls like crazy! So if any of you are just getting into the hobby, go to http://crashtesthobby.com/ !!!! Great durable planes and amazing customer service!

The plane i maidened yesterday :cool:
Copy of IMG_8680.JPG Copy of IMG_8688.JPG Copy of IMG_8685.JPG
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More combat please...
+1 on the little Peli- I have a blast flying it.
Looks like you have done a nice build, very nice looking plane.
The Pelican is one plane that gets flown anytime it is in my truck, and it's likely to be in there almost all the time because it doesn't take up much room. Even though it's a trainer it can be set up to do some really cool things.

If you are a fan of the CrashTestHobby planes here's a sneak peek.
My son Zach is building his first wing (yeah, I get to help) for our upcoming UnCivil War combat event.
He just started flying a little while ago and just built a CTH Albatross.
Anyway, here is his CTH Titan flying wing.
Thank you! i really like the plane! It was my first flight, so i was happy that nothing ended up broken ;)
How are some different ways to set it up? if you don't mind me asking..
It was funny to hear some of the local guys saying things behind me like "man, that thing can scream" ;) They didn't belive me when i told them it was my first flight.. Beginners luck I guess!

And very nice! Looks like it's off to a nice start! That's what i want to move up to once i get comfy with the plane i have now! And ever since i found out about CTH i have been wishing i that i live in Utah.. i want to go to one of the UnCivil Wars!


More combat please...
I just got lucky to hook up with a good bunch of guys.
the UnCivil Wars are awesome and we look forward to them every spring and fall.
But you are within driving distance of the SEFF. I'm just a little envious :)

Once you are getting more used to the plane and are feeling a little daring, you can turn up the rudder throws.
You don't need to turn the elevator up so much or it becomes twitchy, especially at launch time.

It can be a challenge (try wayyy high) but the plane is capable of flying inverted.
(It's a challenge because the wing is designed to "right" itself)
Really cool looking snap rolls and spins can be done too but not for the faint of heart.

The little fluorescent pink and orange plane is my Pelican.
The green one is an Albatross with a park 480 motor (way bigger than the recommended)

Ohh i gotcha
And yes i am! i want to go to the next one! I just got into the hobby and haven't been to any of the events yet!

I did do that ;) i have an old airtronics vangaurd i got free from the president of the Georgia mountain flying club up here! super nice guy and i have a field about 15 minutes from my house! But when i got up higher i turned my dual rates rates off and was rolling the thing like crazy, haven't tried inverted though.. that will be next on my list! I guess someone should have told me the snap rolls were for the faint of heart... :eek:

Oh so you are Tom?? I have admired your little pink plane! it's actually the one that convinced me to get a pelican! What are you running on yours? I asked Lee but i guess he didn't know..


More combat please...
Yup- I'm Tom :)

There is a pretty active CTH Trainer thread over on RC Groups.
Drop in and say hi sometime :)

I have the recommended fc2812 motor and slightly different prop:
Those vids were shot with a 1300mah battey.
I run a 2200 battery sometimes and it doesn't seem to mind the cg change too much ;) It just glides a little faster.
Sweet little plane!
Well it's good to meet you! i'm Seth just in case you were wondering, although i am not known. (yet ;) )

Ah sweet! i will drop in soon!

Ohhh okay. i am running a 1300mah also, but with a 1650kv motor.