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Racing Hexacopter 345mm Pollux V3


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I finished my build of a 345mm Hexacopter designed for 6x4.5 Probs. All the plans are on Thingiverse. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:583121

1x Naze32 // Flight Controler
1x D4R-II // Reciver
1x Pololu D24V6F5 // 5v step down Power Supply
1x Immersion RC 5.8Ghz 600mw // Video Transmitter
1x Pololu UV12F12 // 12v camera Step Up Power Supply
1x Sony Super HAD CCD 600tvl // Flight Camera
6x Cobra 2204 1960kv // Motors
6x KISS ESC 18A // ESC
6x HQ 6045 // Probs

My Build Report:
Better Image quality: https://imgur.com/a/T0d9x#Ek1Hh7p

Soldering ESC's
01 - Soldering ESC039s.jpg
We can avid switching wirres later by making 2x Long CW, 2x Long CCW, 1x Short CW and 1x Short CCW. We just need to put them in the right place later on.

Finish soldering ESC
02 - Finish soldering ESC.jpg
Solder on the wire with enough length to get it to the PDB.
Also test on arm to see how the motor is spinning. Thus we know how all motors are spinning.

Mount the arms to the top frame
03 - Mount the arms to the top frame.jpg
Arms are held in place with temporary M4 nylon nuts.

Routing cables
04 - Routing cables.jpg
Rout the cables inside the frame.

PDB weaving
05 - PDB weafing.jpg
Interweave the power cables into the top most slot. Make all positive go trough one slot. And all Negative trough the other.

Bottom frame plate.
06 - Bottom frame plate.jpg
Remove the Temporary M4 Lock nuts and put in the Bottom Frame Plate. Do not forget to insert the Spacer for the FC. Also put the batter straps on the bottom plate. Its impossible to get the battery straps fit later on.

This stay is easier if you tape all M4 Bolts down. How ever i did not realize this before, only later on. So this step was a real pain.

Spot the error:
* All Motors turn in the wrong direction. I tough i know i from the back of my head but i was wrong. (i am fixing this by solder bridging all J2 jumpers on the KISS ESC. Nice feature)
* I pinched a signal wire in the back.
07 - 2JlWjwY.jpg

Soldering the PDB
08 - Soldering the PDB.jpg
Take a small piece of double sided PCB cut it to size and Solder all motor wires on it. Add a Wire for the battery and small wires to power internal components. I used a pre soldered XT60 cable for the Battery. As a last step seal it with Liquid Electrical tape.

Small wires:
* Power Naze32 and Receiver using Pololu 5v Step down.
* Naze32 Battery sensor.
* Immersion RC Sender.
09 - UdgbyY4.jpg

Finishing the electronics
10 - Finishing the electronics.jpg
Note i swapped the FC to get straight pins. Makes easy to fit all.
Cut signal wires and Crime some connectors on the end.
I installed the Receiver on the bottom frame to make the Bottom have fully independent of the top half.

Functional hex
11 - Functional hex.jpg
With the lower body finished its ready to fly. Quick test reveals my error in the the Motor rotation directions. So i had to cut open the ESC shrink wrap and solder bridge the J2 Jumper on the KISS ESC.

Assemble the to top frame
12 - Assemble the to top frame.jpg
If you insert the antenna extension right away it's easier to lock down.

Other side + camera
13 - Other side  camera.jpg
The Live cam mount is relay bad. I am going to change that before the release of the plans. V3.1 incoming.

Install VTX
14 - Install VTX.jpg
as you install electronics into the top frame make sure it dose not interfere with the body.

Inside the top frame
15 - Inside the top frame.jpg

Maden the top to the body
16 - Maden the top to the body.jpg
Insert all zip-ties into the center most hole of the body.
Push the fop frame down with the zip-ties already in the right holes going to the outside. Then on the outside reroute them back down.
17 - XFkOGTe.jpg
18 - PbDRsHT.jpg

19 - Wcj9XhQ.jpg
604g with gopro and all electroncs. Only lipo missing
20 - w9nwU6r.jpg
21 - KiGKFab.jpg
22 - fcDewsY.jpg

Shapeways Parts
23 - Shapeways Parts.jpg
Shapeways Parts arrived.

I tested the camera and its busted. So i used the SONY super HAD ccd 600tvl from another model and hacked it on. Did my first 3 flights in the dark FPV. Still lots of tuning ahead.

24 - Ek1Hh7p.jpg
25 - XNtdqvX.jpg
26 - QpsGz7u.jpg
27 - molwNOZ.jpg

First weekend flying on 4s :
Amazed I'm the first one to post but absolutely amazing. I researched the motors after reading this and over 800g thrust when 240 would have been a good normal craft. I'm sure you didn't need reassurance but h#ll of a good build and keep posting bids.