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Raptor 30 Tail Wag


Junior Member
I just bought and setup a raptor 30 v2 and it flies great. When I brought it into a hover there was a little tail wag so I lowered the gain. There is still a very slight oscillation. Is there always going to be a little because it is gas? When I give a rapid rudder input sometimes the tail begins to wag aggressively back and forth. It is strange that it only does it sometimes, any ideas? Thanks!
Sounds like the gain is still too high. It should lock and hold the same for a gas or electric heli.

What gyro are you running? Digital tail servo or standard? What are all your settings (delay, travel, etc) on the gyro itself? How/where did you mount it?

Typical setup for a gyro is to start at a low gain and work it up slowly until the tail begins to wag, then back it off to the highest gain setting that doesn't wag.


Junior Member
I am running a Ace Rc TG7000 Gyro, with a Ace Rc DS 0606 digital servo. I don't know the gyro settings; I don't know how to tell what they are on the gyro itself. The gyro is mounted behind the swashplate flat and right side up with plenty of gyro tape.