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RC Flight Source - Mobile App


Staff member

We had the chance to talk with Kurt Gornek of 2 Brothers Hobby and he shared the mobile App that they have made available called RC Flight Source.

rc flight source 5.jpg

The App is setup with reviews, tips, tricks, workshops, tools and much more!

rc flight source 1.jpg

Currently, the App is available for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. They are working to have an updated version available that will work on Android devices soon!

rc flight source 2.jpg rc flight source 4.jpg

The RC Flight Source App is partnered with the AMA allowing you to locate AMA flying fields by your location or by entering a zipcode. This is just one of the many useful tools that this free App offers.

rc flight source 3.jpg

Kurt is also involved with a web series on youtube available at:

You can learn more about the RC Flight Source App as well as the other great resources available on the 2 Brothers Hobby's website! www.2BFly.com