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RC plane only goes backwards

Hi there
Have just bought a C17 rc plane From amazon for my son. We have glued together and on first test the plane only moves backwards. The propellers are meant to be pushers not pullers. We made are parts were installed correctly and double checked with josh’s video on how to put together on the flight test website. I have tried putting the props on the other way round but to no change. Have attached a pic of the kit. Any help or advise would be most appreciated.
Many thanks



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Just for a sanity check, could you swap the connectors on the control board? plug the left motor into the right slot and so on.
If that fixes the direction issue, make sure the turning is correct and then you are good to go. if the turning gets wonky, then you will need to swap the motors positions.

Sometimes the "off- brand" models don't check what they are building and we get items that don't make sense when assembled correctly by other standards.


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They're counter-rotating props, right? Just swap which side each prop is on. I know you said you did that, but I don't see how that wouldn't work...


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I have tried putting the props on the other way round but to no change.
The numbers on the prop need to be facing forward, where the plane is going. If they face backward, you will only get about 40% of the thrust you should get.

I agree with @Tench745, you need to reverse the spin of the prop by swapping which props are in which motor.