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rctestflight flying sled


Gravity Tester
I'm home from college for the weekend and here in Massachusetts there is over 3 feet of snow on the ground and more than 4 in some areas. Instead of risking a white foam board FT plane or my quad at a field, I decided to build something to navigate the snowy jungle of my neighborhood. I had seen rctestflight's flying sled video a few weeks ago and thought it was the perfect craft to build.

My local dollar tree only had black foam board, but I ended up striping most of the paper off anyway. The build was really easy even though Daniel gives dimensions rather than plans. I had to add an extra ski in the middle of mine because the snow is so light here that everything sinks in.

Just like Daniel mentions in the video, the sled flies easy if your just doing big circles, but if you fly it in tight spaces it gets real squirrely real quick. It's still a blast to fly and hard to break anything because the snow is so soft. The only downside is if you crash in the middle of the yard you have to trudge though 3 feet of snow to get it. :p

Here is Daniel's video:

Some of my pics: