1. RossFPV


    I have not seen much about scouts with floats so I decided to make a thread dedicated to scouts. Here you can show tips, build progress and flying videos!
  2. RossFPV

    What Winter plane should i build?

    Im supposedly going to get snow later today and i have no big (power pack c) float planes. What snow plane should i make? It can be a flitest or community design but it must be power pack c with a 3s lipo, Thanks!
  3. leaded50

    Part Curtiss CW-21 Demon Mini - Skiis 2021-04-23

    The Demon skiis for snow use. Sturdy enough to stay in place, and without plane tipping over. This can also be used on grass.
  4. cloudseeder

    Winter is coming. Need a snow-worthy plane. Recommends?

    I’ve taken my starter, E-flite UMX Radian through its paces. I want a plane with ailerons, and at least notably larger as well. Thing is, snow is coming soon and I need to pick a plane that can land (also, preferably takeoff - not hand toss) on snow.... obviously, the I’d pack the snow runway...
  5. J

    Need your opinions!

    So I finished the frame and body of my new skimmer (except for paint and water proofing). The frame is made from wooden yard sticks from Lowe's and the foam is from Dollar Tree (Yes the floats are design of the Flite Test crew made for the FT Simple Cub). This will be for both water and land...
  6. J

    First Scratch Build!

    So I decided to build a sled from dollar tree foam for use in the snow/water/grass. Just sat down and started cutting pieces out with no plans to see what I could come up with in one day. The video isn't the best, but I couldn't wait until the next day with sun light! It's basically a one...
  7. Daniel Kezar

    Minwax and Paint on DTFB for Waterproofing

    i was wondering about people's experiences with minwax on dtfb for waterproofing. i have a couple varieties in the basement (one can of wood stain and one spray can kind) and a few projects that i want to waterproof so i can fly in winter. i want to see what works best and good ways to use it...
  8. P

    Few shots in the sunny French mountains.

    Flight of Phantom equipped with a Hero3+. Best wishes, PY
  9. C

    Help! How do you reinforce DIY foam skis with plastic?

    Now that it's winter I built my first FT Snowballs for some winter fun. I waterproofed one with packaging tape and the other with 2 coats of minwax. I also made a pair of skis for my FT Bushwacker. The Bushwacker flew great with the skis! But I noticed that the ice of a parking lot is pretty...
  10. C

    Flying mini quad in or around snow, words to the wise (weather stripping)

    So when I first started flying nano and micro quads, flying in the winter was no big deal, they didn't go into the snow very deeply if you crashed, and they had a plastic shell covering electronics. They were cheap to repair as well. They do not generate much heat on 1S batteries, so you can...
  11. Hayduke27

    Cold Weather Flying/Snow Flying

    Hi everyone! With winter upon us, I was curious about using electric RC planes in the cold. This will be my first winter flying them, and I figured there must be some precautions and pointers that some more experienced pilots would know. A couple of questions come to mind: 1.) First off, the...
  12. Snarls

    rctestflight flying sled

    I'm home from college for the weekend and here in Massachusetts there is over 3 feet of snow on the ground and more than 4 in some areas. Instead of risking a white foam board FT plane or my quad at a field, I decided to build something to navigate the snowy jungle of my neighborhood. I had seen...
  13. Andre

    Winter Quad

    Ok this winter has been hard so far. Super cold temps and a few hard landings. But worst of all I miss flying my Tricopter and 250. A few friends and I bantered around the idea of making the 250 or Tri more winter friendly but decided it was more logical to cobble parts together and make UGLY...
  14. L

    FT article inspired Foamboard Air Boat on SNow

    Hi Flyers, I was inspireed by this FT Article: Even though I have several FT planes that will fly off the snow I had so much fun with this build that I wanted to share it. You may notice an FT Flyer in the background that I have flown...
  15. Techno

    Scratch-Built "Pontoon Plank" (Inspired by the Snowball)

    "Pontoon Plank" (Inspired by the Snowball) Inspired by Flitetest's Snowball (Thanks) As some of us know, earlier today, flitetest's snowball episode came out. Like many I have been aching to fly since last year. I had also seen some other people's ways of coping with the blizzards...
  16. J

    Ultra micro skids (parkzone E-flite)

    I was wondering if anyone has a skid for an ultra micro such as the umx habu or a p-51and how to make it. As is winter the planes keep digging inside the snow. Thank you for any replies.
  17. marktbaldridge

    Foam board in snow?

    Greetings everyone! First post. =D I just LOVE the FliteTest show. (As of three weeks ago. :D ) Anyhow, a friend of mine is thinking about building the FT duster. He's just getting into the hobby, and winter is approaching here in Wisconsin. Thus my question is, how well does foam board hold...
  18. ExAir

    Foamboard Scratchbuilding Contest: "Snowbird" $150 prize

    If it snows where you live and you like scratchbuilding foamies then this is for you. Have a look, enter a plane if you can, but at least stay tuned for some good snow plane ideas and interesting adventures. Experimental Airlines