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Re: Circle Plane Challenge

Hi FliteTest community.

I came up with a new design for the Circle Plane that was featured here,
Here is a rough Google Sketchup design




This is mostly just a design/concept if anyone wants to make this or modify it, i love love to see it!
Oh and by the way, it's not to scale it is just a concept.


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but how are you going to launch it ? :)

I remember from real world round wing planes that the designers said the top half don't actually provide any lift, so they ended up making planes with two half circles(each side of the body) and the prop in the center of the half circles.


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If the bottom is creating lift then the top should be as well. This plane would only give any lift in high alpha however, due to the lack of airfoil.


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I dunno, I just saw it in a discovery show long ago back when they still had some informative programs :p and at first they wanted round wings, but the tops don't provide lift for some reason so they only did the bottom half.