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real flight and flite test planes

hey folks ever since FT got started , i joined in. at the time Phoenix was the deal soooooo i bought and was happy . I put a ton of FT planes on it which made me happier!!! Now that Phoenix dosent have designers and nobody knows the real deal I have noticed that Josh i promoting REAl FLIGHT X . Great only real flight only has the explorer on their planes ( BUMMER ) so if i scratch Phoenix then ill loose the other planes…..please is their annybody that can help with this im shure im not the only one.. I Love flite test and will Always stay to them but first ask arround before i scratch Phoenix and buy leagal version of real flight..also why cant we git a discount for the real flight version 8 if we provide proof of legal copy of Phoenix since their pooopin out....
FLEA OWL a.withington6@chello.nl