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Receiver - magic smoke


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Hi, I just received my new FS-IA6 Reciever. The instructions were in mandarin so I tossed them - any way because I could not read as well as my eastern siblings I could not know the wiring diagram ( long story short I put - on + and vice versa.) *poof* the terminals were not happy about it - whispers of silver smoke pass by. I power it up right and it works! The only issue is - when powered up. It instantly heats up two chips to crazy hot temperatures. (Like 0.1 seconds before I had to take my finger off) I'm afraid of it melting and my drone falls out the sky. Does anyone have experience in the relevant field and can help me? Thanks


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Toss the receiver and get another one.

While you wait, build this and use it next time you power up any new solder joint. :)


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Anither quick question

Is M3 Double sided foam tape stuff conductive? It would be useful to prevent brownouts aswell as stick things down without zipties