How did I let the magic smoke out.


In some respects what you have demonstrated is the definition of optimism!

In general "electric" either works or it doesn't. Unlike a motor an ESC will not tolerate a significant over load even for a fraction of a second. If an ESC gives off magic smoke then its is very likely that there is something wrong with the installation.
To just replace the ESC and hope it works better next time is asking for trouble not least of which you may by now have damaged the motor itself;)

For the price of 3 ESCs you could have bought a Watt meter and you would then have an instrument that would tell you exactly what is going on and as it works in real time you can stop any test before the amps even approach the maximum specification.

I have a number of Emax 2822 (1200Kv) in several planes but run none of them with props bigger than a 9x6 when using a 3s and it keeps the current to no more than 20 A (200W) which about the continuous limit for the motor (with some cooling air flow). Furthermore 20A is a reasonable operating level for their 'cheap' 30A ESCs!

I hope this helps.
I ordered a watt meter when someone else also mentioned or asked if I have one... Its stuck in the mail, not sure if comming from NA or 🇨🇳 lol... As long as it has been taking I assume it has a long trip. Not sure if optimist.. Motor had some 'litature' that had prop size suggestions which I followed... I guess that was not the best to follow... But learning. I have with the help of you all learned alot and will continue to learn. Thanks all and Merry Xmas!


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Measure the resistance between all 3 motor poles. If there is a short or one pole has signifgant difference that is more then likely the culprit.

Also... if your mounting screws were installed like a quad with out that cross mount it is possible you damaged windi gs if the screw got in far enough to touch them.

That "should" show with a resistance test but visual AND sniff tests can find hidden things too.

Finally look for dark coil wires that dont shine like the rest.


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Don't worry we have all 'cooked' ESCs and I am probably as bad as any trying to get the maximum power out of the minimum weight to match my lightweight Depron builds.
A few from my 'spare' heat sink collection!