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Most of the planes I have were rtf with their own tx an rx. I have a FlySky I6 radio. I use it with an ANX Floater. I am working on a ft f-22. And also an Ft Simple Cub. I know I can save each model separately in the radio. The question I have. Can I use a receiver with multiple planes? I read somewhere I would have to remind it every time I switch planes, is that the case?


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Since one is a 4 channel w/aileron and one is an elevon, yes, you will have to rebind every time you switch planes. You can use the same receiver in multiple planes without rebinding as long as they are all set up the same, including throw rates and servo directions.


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My older FlySky Rx's, v1, will stay bound while switching from plane to plane. My newer Rx's, v2, need to be rebound each time I switch planes. I have no experience with the newest v3 Rx's. The original Rx's, just don't care what the setup is from plane to plane, they just obey the mix in the Tx. The newer Rx's will also obey whatever mix is in the Tx, but sofar I need to rebind with each switch. To make rebinding easier, I have added a servo extension to the bind port in the Rx. Now I can place the Rx where I want it and still easily attach the bind plug to the extension.

The reason I chose FlySky, the Rx's are reliable and cheep, I choose to dedicate a separate Rx in each plane.
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