Recommendations for my first plane


Hello I have this configuration for my first plane:

Lipo battery 2S 1000mAh.

a2212 1000kv brushless motor.

4 servos sg90

propeller 1045.

I have been learning these last months and I am about to start building my first plane, I have some options such as the FT Simple Scout, FT Pietenpol Mighty Mini
and I would like to know if my configuration could fly this planes or that another could manufacture with the configuration I currently have.

Thanks For the help.

SSgt Duramax

Junior Member
You have a big plane motor set up with a small battery. You are probably going to need to add weight to the front. I think the scout would be your best bet. Maybe you could work it out on the FT commuter too, although that is a large motor/prop combo for it.

Maybe the old fogey could work, or also maybe the sportster.