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Knower of useless information
So, for anyone who has done PID tuning with a quad in Betaflight, you know that there is a warning about removing your props. This should be done not just with PID tuning, but with ANY bench work!!!!

Let me re-emphasize this for anyone who has NOT done this yet; if you are not getting ready to fly your quad and you're doing any sort of bench tests with a battery plugged in, TAKE OFF THE PROPS!!!

I say this as I have what looks like cat scratches all over my left arm. I had hooked up my battery for my quad to do a quick bench test for my video, as I was having issues with a short (turns out it was a cheap 90 degree angle connector causing the problem). I went to grab my goggles to make sure the video feed was working, and knocked the transmitter over in the process.

Here's where it got dangerous:

I tried to catch the transmitter, and in the process, accidentally hit the throttle kill switch, turning it from "off" to "on". This immediately started the motors spinning. Worse, when the transmitter fell, the throttle stick got bumped at an angle. This caused the drone to start yawing across the desk, and the drone started to actually lift off, falling towards my lap.

I managed to catch the drone (probably one of my mistakes that made things worse) and correct the throttle before it did any damage to my "vitals", and FORTUNATELY I had some "unbreakable" props that were very soft and flexed instead of really slicing into me; however, it was enough to leave some pretty nice scratches that looked like I'd gotten into a fight with a cat.

Be safe, and learn from my lessons. These things can rip you up if you're not careful!


Well-Known Member
I think it was Balu who had a story about a ceiling humping quad in a Berlin hotel room. Never gonna forget it.

That said, why is it we never have the camera on when these things happen? :D


Knower of useless information
All of this. Yeah, it ain't pretty, and I'm lucky to just have light scratches that are fading...it coulda been a lot worse. And I'm glad my camera didn't record it - a shot of spinning blades of death that would have promised instant birth control had they gotten tangled in the family jewels...it wouldn't have been pretty.