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RESCUE EPISODE: Quad stuck in a courthouse roof statute

Hey Flitetest, here is the perfect challenge for you and would make a great show. This guy in Marion, Ohio got his quad stuck in a courthouse statue on the roof. There's no easy way to get it down.

I know you are in Ohio. Is it near you? Maybe you can head over there with a larger multirotor and pull this guy out with a rope and hook. Would make an amazing episode!

I'm also worried about consequences to the hobby if this has to be removed by the fire department or police at taxpayer expense. Also don't like the idea of the lipo sitting up there in the elements, still connected to electronics. This is a good way to improve community relations and introduce the hobby to others (and explain why it's not a "drone").

There are a few videos on YouTube of quadcopter rescues. I bet David could throw a rope and hook together. This seems like just your kind of adventurous thing!


Junior Member
Would be a great episode! I get so very tired of the news organizations making big deals out of nothing, and then always trying to swoop in and make themselves look good when the time is right. I'm sure they'll find a way to make it into a privacy issue and how they're alerting the general public to this indecent practice! And let's put up more fences everywhere too. I digress.


Senior Member
Hey, get one of those big beer lift quads up there. That should do it. I'd even chip in a sawbuck to help out.


Senior Member
It made page 2 of the local paper. Apparently it was making a promotional video for the city. Wonder if he has a drone license from the FAA?