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RIOT250R Quad newbie setup

Hey guys, I have been flying Flite Test planes for about a year now, but wanted to start getting into Quad's. Namely Race Quads. Anyway, I have purchased a RIOT250R Pro from Flite Test and have been trying to set it up via Beta Flight. Everything went smooth until I connected my controller to the drone, and then the drone image on Beta went nuts! It started spinning uncontrollably, and my sticks and changes that I make don't seem to have any effect. Do you guys have any idea what is happening? I have spend over 4 hours trying to figure it out
Receiver: Spektrum - SPM4649T
Radio: Spektrum DX6



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Sounds like you need to set your subtrim. This is done in the transmitter, using the betaflight receiver tab for reference. Adjust the subtrim for your roll, pitch and yaw so that with no input it sits as close to 1500 as possible. If it bounces around you can set some deadband in betaflight to get rid of uncommanded inputs.
I was able to get the settings to all sit at 1519. I saved it, but as soon as I use my sticks, the settings all go haywire again. I have watched numerous videos on youtube on how to setup a drone through BetaFlight, and none of them are having this problem. Is there a possibility of damaged hardware/software?


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Make sure your channel assignments between the radio and the FC match. Sounds like you may be on default TAER but send AETR or other pattern. And setting 1519 for centers will not fly for you you have to have channel centers 1498 - 1502 max Other wise you will drift all over the place no mater what you do.