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Rotor Riot

Anyone have an idea whats going on at Rotor Riot? Show and website seems to have changed and the guys involved all seem to be doing individual blogs lately. Just doesn't seem quite right. All in my head?


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I watched Micheal Rollins interview Stingersswarm last night. Apparently RR ran out of money a while back and had to let Tommy and Kevin go. After Botgrinder was booted I kinda lost interest, it just seems like a DJI commercial lately.


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They wrecked themselves when they tried to move the store to Florida the first time, the cash flow ground to a halt, Tommy left to save them money, his own stuff was doing well enough I guess. Then RDQ bailed them out, they changed the crew around again etc, now they are shipping their own store inventory again and are planning to only sell stuff they have flown and tested.
Original RR line up = best RR line up.
RR team pilots could always run their own channels etc.
They are no longer the biggest thing in the hobby, for good or ill. Enjoy it, don’t enjoy it, up to you.
Watch the micheal rollins interview with chad kapper and the original pilots. The question were asked and answered.. no need to speculate or add to rumor mill.

But dam rotor riot anyways. I bought a rr5 alien and today I broke one of the original straps in a crash.... battery grippy pad aint so grippy anymore...cheap gear... wore out three sets of motors too and its only 4 and a half years old.

20191010_145937.jpg 20191010_145937.jpg

Yes there is sarcasim in this post.. Ill leave it to you to find it.
Here is the flight before the one that broke the strap and prop. Was tweakin my pids for 5s as I dont want to have a bunch of different batteries for everything. Specially if I can ever get to keep fixed wing stuff in the air.

Yeah Mike Rollins is growing on me as well as many other people. Long as he stays grounded and doesnt sell out to commercialism or product placement driven interviews where he is paid to present a certain opinion then he will continue to gain popularity.