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Rudders on Wings


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The B-2 utilizes what's called duckerons (they open and close like a duckbill).

There was a plane that used a similar technique on it's rudders that you're using on the winglet rudders. It's called the Eurocoupe.

The B-2 utilizes what's called duckerons (they open and close like a duckbill).
Thanks for the added info Fred. I flew a full scale Eurocoupe once. The rudder is tied into the yoke so there were no rudder pedals. Talk about a wierd feeling pushing on the floor boards and nothing. My flight instructor thought it was hysterical. thankyou for the duckerons graphic. It is awesome!
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Now that the new control surfaces are on the winglets, and not in the rear of the craft, are they no longer considered rudders?
They are kind of like decelerons, or maybe decelerudders? :D

I like the duckerons, I think if I advance quickly with my Swift II build/flying, I may try a dual servo duckeron on each wing, to control yaw, pitch, and roll with only split elevons.


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Hey guys,

I thought if the rudders don´t work particulary well, why not try vectoring?

I know that many people tried vectoring the thrust component (motor itself) so that it will give some rudder effect, because often (mostly with jets) you have the problem that the rudders don´t have much effect.

BUT vectoring seems to be the innovation there.

Here is a quick video of what I thought of.


It is a german website with rc videos, so don´t be shy to click on it :D

BTW the wing on that video is the one I ordered last friday :D I am really excited to fly it soon as I´ve heard a lot of good things about it!:eek: