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Hi there!

Here are some pictures from my first scratch build. I wanted to do a SAAB J22, a swedish fighter from 1943. There were not any printings available, so I made everything from scratch, with the same foam paper that FT uses. Tomorrow I will have my maiden. Wish me good luck! :)

The original, in the museum in Linköping.

My kid is inspecting a model in 1:72... :)

I found this printings on the internet...

Printed out the drawing, so the wing span, matches the FT-paper 30".

I made the frame, so that the FT-pod from my Bloody Baron would fit...

I ripped off the paper on one side of the foam-paper, to make the paper bend more easily.


Hiding the servo...

Aileron and elevator servos...

DrPepper, not only the king of soft drinks, but also king of canopies... :)

Printing some stickers, using word and some sticky paper... :)

Ready for maiden !! :)
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See my build of this in my signature. She is a pretty bird for sure! I once made a smaller model and the CG is quite finicky due to being short-nose-coupled. By far my favorite fighter aircraft.


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I just had my maiden! After trimming, she really flied so smooth and nice. Really fun!

After 2-3 minutes of flying, however, some thing happened, and I decided to take her down quite rapidly. You see that in the end of the movie. After checking her, it was the servo to the left aileron that had stopped working! So, using only the right aileron, I still manage to fly her and land her. So it is an easy warbird to fly - I am quite surpriced of the bird, actually. By far, one of the best I have ever tested. I had the COG some 2 cm from the from edge of the wing, I think that was quite ok.

I will now change the servo (I had a reeeally cheep servo) and put in a better one. Then I will dogfight my friends, who has Bloody Barons!

It took me less then one week to build her (with 3 kids and 1 wife), so it's very fast, and easy to build, yet very fun to fly! I really recommend you to test building her!

Regards from Sweden !! :)
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Oh, btw, if anyone wants my my printings (I have them in A3), and the Decal Sheet, I may send it to you by e-mail. I don't know how to post pdf-files in this forum. I think you may build the J22, using my printings, and then just looking at the pictures in this post. And if you have any questions, and wants some help, just ask in this thread.


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Ok, there we are! I have removed my old servos, and put in new Emax servos. And some paint. Ready for TO again !! :)



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Finally we had a good day to fly, not so windy!

I took the bird up, and tested her 3 more flights. It was rolling to quick, so I turned down the aileron to only 50%. Still she rolled quite hard.

The elevator, I had to turn up to 100%, still it was kind of slow on the stick. Perhaps I have the COG a little bit to far in the front, but that is better, then the opposite. Perhaps I have to change the angel of attack on the back wing, because I had to trim the plane quite hard up, but first I will change the COG a little bit.

Today I also used the flaperons for the first time, but I have to trim that better with the back wing, so I turned it off.

It's not the easiest plane to fly, but she flyes! Great fun. I will test her some more, and return later, with some videos etc.


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Will you ever build a SAAB SK50 (SAAB 91) or a SAAB SK60 (SAAB 105)

That's my 2 favourite planes from SAAB and the Swedish airforce, and I really would like to see them fly.

(my first post on the forum BTW)
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