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Challenge : Create The Ultimate Aerial Combat FPV Experience


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The Challenge - The Ultimate Aerial Combat FPV Experience

Recreate a selected era of aerial combat in as realistic way as possible using foamboard planes, FPV equipment and a few other things listed below.

  1. Aircraft selected should be of the same era of aerial combat such as WWI, WWII, Korea, modern jet combat etc
  2. Aircraft should be lightly powered in a semi-scale manner such that top speeds, climb ability, stalls etc should reflect the scaled down aircraft allowing for more slowed down, tactical and realistic flight and combat.
  3. Aircraft created should be of suitable (and similar) scale as to be used for semi-scale aerobatics (even if underpowered see above) while carrying extra gear.
  4. Aircraft should be hand launched if possible to maintain scale appearance with no hanging landing gear.
  5. Aircraft created should be scale detailed on both the exterior and in the cockpit.
  6. Cockpit should house FPV system, mounted in such a way as to give the appearance sitting in the cockpit.
  7. Aircraft will have a controllable laser tag system, with gun in the front (bore sighted) and a receiver in the rear.

  • On getting shot by an opponent the power to the electric motor will immediately be turned off.


Do as many of these as possible or as feasible to complete the experience. I know, some of them are far-fetched.

  1. A smoke system in the fuselage could be triggered on a registered hit.
  2. Aircraft could have a targeted and functional gunsight, installed for first person view.
  3. Hit system could be programmed to given random result on successive hits including engine off, all or partial control system loss, both power loss and control loss (perhaps in a competitive league) among others.
  4. Place more than one laser tag receivers on the aircraft to take hits from different directions and cause different results if hit.
  5. FPV camera could be head tracked on a gimbal to allow the pilot to look around.
  6. Place a laser tag receiver in or near the cockpit to simulate pilot kill (all control cut, power remains on or dumped to idle) (danger of fly-aways)
  7. Pulse the laser and record how many separate hits occurred.
  8. Create a damage counter hanging on the transmitter to see how many hits there are during the flight.
  9. Attach a sound effects unit or DIY mp3 system to play machine guns when laser tag is fired. It could also play continuous engine sound through small amps which modulated with the motor speed, and hit damage effects and sounds.

Anyone have an additions or suggestions to changes? I know some of it is a longshot, but lets discuss.
That would be a hugely log shot i think. Maybe steamer cut with scale planes and FPV, but I dont know how you would do the laser tag thing. The scale cockpit might be too much as well.


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Thank you, here's hoping they decide to make it happen. I think it would make for a very entertaining series of videos. How the aircraft were built, what tech was used and how it was implemented, what creative solutions they had to come up with and finally the air battle itself. :)