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Scratch Build A6


Wake up! Time to fly!
Yeah those are what were on Nimitz. Called em queer birds for the electronics module on the vertical stab.

Amazingly versitile planes, and the just look so cool.

That front view with the side by side crew the double intakes low and the big nose. That along with being mid wing makes then very unique.


Master member
@PsyBorg ......... Wouldn't a Corsair II require about 5lbs of Foam Core Board - just to get all of the complex curves in the Fuse??? :eek:

@Splinter189 - PLEASE put out Plans!!!???? That's a spectacular Intruder!! IMO, one of the prettiest little Jets that the "Squids" had!! :ROFLMAO:;)(y)(y)
Seriously, you did a great job.