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Scratch build EDF ideas?


I have 70mm and 55 mm edf units that need an airplane. Since I am almost finished with my SE 5a(ish) bipe and my red-tailed hawk scratchbuilds, its time for my ADD to focus on another project! I hope :rolleyes: to build a thrust vectored jet of some sort with for the 70mm. No thoughts whatsoever to do with the 55mm.

I've searched the many sites with plans, but I want the thrust vectored jet to be an original design by me (once again, :rolleyes:). And, in direct opposition to that statement, I ask this question: does anyone have any thoughts on an airframe?


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Ed's Fugly Jet made into a vectored thrust unit. Perfect for you, Perfect for Experimental Airlines Contest.



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Vectored Thrust-
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Some sort of variation of a Eurofighter/F22/F35 is probably the kind of airframe you are looking for.

I posted a link to an F22 plan (FREE) somewhere a few weeks ago...
Probably would be a good starting point. With the mid mount and huge throws on the elevons it flies very thrust-vectory...


Yeah, I know-I'm going to drive myself crazy with this. I'm hoping to do a really fancy scratchbuild with compound curves and such. Toss thrust vectoring on top of that... But, I have the summer off and time to kill!


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I made myself a jet inspired from rcfoamfighter´s supernova :D

2012-05-16 20.30.46.jpg

It´s starting to be a bit "curly" because I used tape for covering...
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