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Scratch Building 101


Junior Member
How about a quick tip episode that goes into some detail on what a person just getting into scratch building needs to have available? The motors/esc's/servo's/etc are pretty self-explanatory, but when it comes to the 'simple' things, I can't seem to get a great answer from the sites I've dug around in (and asked questions of). Things like:

- push rods (what do you use? alternatives to purchased rods)
- How to mount a !@#$ prop on an electric motor (this one took me quite a bit of digging before the obvious answer surfaced....and even now I don't know how to do the 'rubber band' trick)
- Maybe a list of 'stuff' a scratch builder needs (servo extension cables, pushrods, pushrod bender, clevis's, types of glue, etc)
- I loved the 'crash kit' episode from last year, how about a 'build kit' vid to show what you need to get started in your own designs?

Thanks for a great site/great vids and for promoting the hobby! Hope my feedback helps.



I like the idea of this episode. Understand what you would get is Chad's and Josh B's personal "must have" lists. Not that they wouldn't be great lists, but this is such an open question that you'd get so many different responses if you asked it on an open forum like this one.

I'm shocked that you asked how to mount a prop and didn't get an answer! Did that happen on this forum? As for the rubber band trick, I'm assuming you mean how to mount a prop using a prop saver. Prop savers come with O rings. These are much stiffer than rubber bands. But, I have seen rubber bands used. Here's a pic: