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Scratch building and will that work

This is my first post on a Forum in 18 years! I am new to foam board builds but have been building balsa since the 1970's. I tried to build a AG-CAT G-164B with a round body and found keeping the roundness straight to be an issue. Then I designed a fuselage with dims; Tail 1" x 1/2" to Nose octagon with 7/8" facets. I am posting this on FT fan club on Facebook with pictures. I still feel like I can do more with balsa, but the foam allows a fast P.O.C. to be created.

Ever wonder if a snowboard as a wing could fly as a RC plane?


Skill Collector
Welcome to the forums! :D

My balsa addiction started in the 80's, and I do remember making a couple egg shaped Guillows fuselages back in the day

Snowboards seem a little heavy for great wing performance, but I'll bet you could make one fly with enough thrust.
LOL! I use to do a great deal of kiteboarding, snowkiting, and traction kiting, so yes I have seen snowboards fly while attached to a person. But would it not be cool to see how to overcome the length and weight issues to make it become a wing and fly?