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Scratch Built Lunar Module - LEM (1/15 Scale) - The Eagle Flies!

Using all of my skills developed while scratch building many of the FliteTest planes and my old F450 FPV Quadcopter, I created a 1/15 Scale replica of the Lunar Module flown on Apollo 11. All-up it weighs 5 pounds and eats a 4000 mah battery in 4 minutes... but it is a spectacular 4 minutes to watch. This is a short video taken from my first extended test flight. I'll be posting a longer flight with a walkthrough of some of the build, materials and techniques soon. Enjoy!

Unfortunately - No Plans

I took the dimensions from a tiny metal model I bought at a hardware store. Upscaled the plans in the computer, then had to free-hand the pixelated image... then many re-cuts to get it right. Here is that metal model I used. I will show many close-ups and under the hood in an upcoming video. Thanks for the kind remarks!



Wake up! Time to fly!
wow the detail on that is great !!! I was always fascinated with those modules after seeing the real things happen live as a kid