1. J

    Help! Sport Cub S Ailerons suddenly moving in same direction at the same time

    Friends, I need some assistance. My Sport Cub S suddenly started doing something funny. When you trigger the ailerons either left or right on the controller (Dx6i) both of the ailerons go up and down together! Obviously no way to fly it like that. Any idea what is going on? I have tried...
  2. S

    HobbyZone F4U Corsair with Safe Impressions

    Hey everyone, My name is Silvester, I live in the Netherlands, and I recently (a few months ago) bought the F4U Corsair S from HZ. My first plane was a HZ Super Cub S, and after that I built the FT Flyer (which still flies awesome). After a while, (about 4 months since I bought the Super Cub)...
  3. fish

    Hobbyzone Sport Cub S BNF and RTF owners thread

    Sport Cub S I am a proud owner of one and enjoy sharing my fun. starting a thread here, to post all info in one spot, video's, mods and more. If you are a noob looking to get a plane. maybe some of us owners can offer you our experience on it. This is a 4 ch plane, with SAFE technology...
  4. H

    Hobbyzone EPP Fix

    So let's say you just watched your fair share of flitetest videos. You get the urge to fly, you buy a nice inexpensive trainer plane, and you fly. Or to be more accurate, you fall. That is the worst feeling in the world. I know because my older brother was having his 6th flight on my Hobbyzone...
  5. H

    Mini Super Cub

    I recently got the Mini Super Cub from HobbyZone, but I haven't had any chance to fly it yet, which is a pity, need to get back into the hobby. Does anyone else own one? Flight characteristics, anything?
  6. Montiey

    Next step up from the Champ

    Soo.. my HZ Champ is dead *sniff*.. Just how different is the FT Flyer? Im waiting on the electronics to get here from hobby kings EU warehouse- DON'T ORDER FROM THERE IF U R IN THE U.S. Stuff takes months to arrive. I'll be using a 1300kv motor on a 3 cell lipo. Anyone knows how this setup...
  7. G

    Spektrum DX4e - Inquiry of a noob.

    I have recently purchased a HobbyZone - DeltaRay and it came with a DX4e i believe many of their other models come standard with this transmitter as well (Correct me if i'm wrong). This is my first hobby grade aircraft and i plan on buying another one except i would like to avoid buying an...
  8. J

    Winter flying is lots of fun... Cold on the hands though

    Flying my super cub with Du-Bro Skis. Its lots of fun. Hobbyzone Super Cub, Park 480 outrunner, With the upgraded motor it nearly jumps off the snow. http://youtu.be/IJa1eUptkIg
  9. InfinityPlane

    HobbyZone Duet

    [B]Will you review the Hobbyzone Duet, Flite Test??? :):D:cool:
  10. Krad

    Scratch Built Skis

    This may not be what we usually see around here, but it's a bit of scratch building I did recently. So, winter is upon us. Around me that means snow. Snow to get wheels stuck in, be it your car or your RC airplane. They sell floats for the Hobbyzone Super Cub so I went down to the local RC...