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searching for a budget DLG

searching a budget DLG

Hi There!
I just wanted to ask if you have any suggestions for a budget priced DLG. I have had the Dreamflight Alula for quite some time now and I want to be able to do more F3K. I thought about under 450 €.
Every advice is appreciated.
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Well there are a few. But first where are you from?
As your reply in my other thread I assume your from europe?

If you want to go really cheap you can check out the "Notos" its from Ypsi Czech manufacturer and costs around 200 Euro.
But it does not have a disser or dbox.

Then of course we are having the TopSky depending on your configuration Dbox, Disser, Full carbon we are at around 300 Euro.

And then a tad more expensive but an awesome DLG Stobel V3. In Europe you can get the "Voltmaster" edition for around 490 Euro.
There is still some things to do e.g. adding the servos to the wing fixing the rudders etc. But its a really good price for that DLG.

Another alternative would be a Blaster 3 you would need the SC version which is around 430 Euro. Also a great DLG from what I heared.

I hope that helps a bit.

Oh and I wouldn't go for the HK Versus.
That really depends. I don't think the perfect DLG exists thats why at competitions the ppl have many different dlgs. ;)

For example my twister 3 floats awesome its a great machine if there is NO wind and some thermal it stays up forever. But if there is some wind or only a little breeze it gets difficult to stay up even when using some ballast.

The stobel on the other hand penetrates awesome when there is a breeze or some slight wind and it can be launched higher. In general the Stobel can get launched higher than the Twister.

And so on and so on so it is really difficult to say which one is the best. The XXLite I have heared is a great for having fun it does not float well and does not penetrate that good but its very agile and you can have fun with it.

Mainly it depends on your location is there a lot of wind? What money do you want to spend? How much do you want to build?
(you can also get the sobel with RDS meaning the wing servos are built into the wing during construction, but its more expensive)

You could also try to get a good used one. And I don't know if you can fly. If you "can't" fly like your _really_ a beginner and mess up your controls now and then don't get an expensive one. :)
Oh and if we start to talk about the wings it gets even more complicated. Cause the newer DLG and some old ones have Rohacell in their wings which makes the more durable etc.

For example the Twister 3 and the Stobel v3 they have a hollow wing theres nothing in it (except air and some backing).
The Stobel V3.5 and Tweagle (Twister next gen) have Rohacell in their wings, it is not hollow anymore.
I have just noticed this one from Tower Hobbies?
They have a somewhat decent reputation for getting replacement parts too..
I became interested in these after watching "The Sweed" launch them,
but my clubs field is so windy, and so close to Canada, I figured I might need a Passport
to get it back some day...........
(I have no idea how they fly, just noticed them and wanted to pass on the link)

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Dreamflight alua? Its a 3ch delta, and its a bit of a "wing thing", but its cool.
While the alula is very cool its not the 'feel' of a proper dlg. Its really dependend what someone wants.

If you want to try discuss launch ye the alula might be good but still I would rather go for the libelle