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  1. D

    Discus launch glider

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum. I'm originally from Zimbabwe, now living in the UK in the Watford area. I have built and flown several DLG gliders back when I lived in Zimbabwe. We have great conditions there with plenty of thermal activity. I'd like to find out how active DLG flying is here in...
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    Launching my blackjack dlg on a perfect dead calm night.
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  5. H

    DLG - NRJ build log

    Hi all, I lurk here a lot but have only posted a couple times. I've been flying off and on for years and am looking for a new thing to try. I've watched David Windestal's Flite Test DLG video way too much over the last few years and have done a lot of other research in the hopes to purchase...
  6. Crawford Bros. Aeroplanes

    Aeronaut 2m Sailplane

    My latest design, a 2m sailplane. It was inspired by Tony Mellor's Alto saiplane, found here: https://outerzone.co.uk/plan_details.asp?ID=11611 I wanted a glider with well-rounded capabilities that could handle a variety of wind conditions. We'll see if it succeeds in that regard, but I have...
  7. cdfigueredo

    Help! New project. DLG flying wing

    Hello, guys. I've been looking for a model for flying in the wind for a while. Many have advised me to fly wings like the FT versa wing. But I'm really excited about the idea of building a DLG. I was really worried about the fact that I couldn't find carbon rods here to build the fuselage, so I...
  8. bracesport

    thread links - bracesport

    projects Flight Log - my flying log NEW - Simple Soarer - getting back into foamboard Foam Pitcheron - a 1.0m EPP foam Pitcheron for light winds (and teaching my son to fly) Vista v2 (pitcheron) - something slippery Fusion Restoration - an indestructible learners glider Pylon Racer - converting...
  9. F

    Homemade DLG Build log

    Hi guys! I am Fran from Argentina and i have just started building a homemade Discus Launch Glider. I am creating this thread to show you the building process. I will be very thankful if you help me through the build, i would love to hear from you any piece of advice. I have always wanted to...
  10. F

    Help! Homemade DLG CF tail boom and construction

    Hi everybody! I would really like to build a homemeade dlg but i dont know which diameter of carbon fiber tube should i buy to make the tail boom. Do you think a 6mm diameter tube would be thick enough for a 1 meter wingspan dlg? (thats the only one i can get for a reasonable price) The wings...
  11. I

    Another guy joined the forum to milk it for secrets.

    I haven't been "new" for a few years. I have been flying RC off and on, since 2001. I started with balsa gliders, and moved into foamy warbirds. I still have gliders but now they climb up on props, and lipos instead of a spool of line bolted to a car starter. I enjoy building as much as I...
  12. SuperFrodo

    Wonky Libelle DLG flaperon throws

    For the record, I did centre my servos. I'm 90% sure I did anyway... So I just got my Libelle in the mail along with the servos and other bits Dream-Flight recommends, and I finished putting it together with barely enough daylight left to give it a few javelin throws to satiate my desire to fly...
  13. M

    2nd post: My Mini DLG is broken. (How) can I fix this?

    Hi guys, I have posted here once for help "building" my Mini DLG from Hobbyking, and got great answers. Now after 2 flying sessions (which were a learning process and a complete blast!) the boom is split right under the wings and I am not sure (how) I can repair it. :( Maybe you can offer some...
  14. M

    Hi guys! Noob question about dlg "build"

    Hi guy, Noob from Vienna, Austria here. I have a quick nooby question concerning my plan to buy and "build" the Hobbiking Mini DLG: I am planning to bind my MLP6DSM transmitter (from a HH Sport Cub S) to the OrangeRx R410X DSMX Compatible reciever I am planning to use. I learned that you can...
  15. S

    Getting started with DLG

    I have been hooked on sailplanes for a while now, and am looking to head into DLG gliding. Can anyone provide suggestions as to what air frame to start with? I have considered the libelle and HK alternatives. I'm not afraid of spending 150-350 likely about the limit on this plane, but I don't...
  16. S

    DLG / Sailplane episode

    It has been quite a while since we have had a episode on non-powered rc (well aside from the sparrow as a chuck glider). A getting started in gliding showcasing DLG, powered/unpowered gliders and warmliners would make for a great episode. Helping to get people prepped as the spring weather...
  17. Magilla

    EFlite UMX WhipIt: My entry into fixed wing flying...

    With a bit of experience with contra-rotating helis and an AR Parrot drone, I decided that I wanted to start flying fixed wing. Being in a remote town, with nothing in the way of local flying contacts, I figured that 2 channel flying is the way to start, so I bought a WhipIt. For those who...
  18. N

    DLG Show

    Hi Guys, you all make an amazing show. Love to watch it. I was thinking, no one out there seems to have come up with a good DLG out of DTFB. It is something that I am trying to figure out and I think might be a very fun project. In terms of the plane, I am trying to figure out a short bodied...
  19. Croom

    DLG Flying at California Beach

    A fun day at the beach with my UMX Whipit.