1. D

    Discus launch glider

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum. I'm originally from Zimbabwe, now living in the UK in the Watford area. I have built and flown several DLG gliders back when I lived in Zimbabwe. We have great conditions there with plenty of thermal activity. I'd like to find out how active DLG flying is here in...
  2. glideher

    Low Leverl Thermaling with UltraLight Micro DLG glider

  3. IMG_20200819_205829227_BURST003~2.jpg


    Launching my blackjack dlg on a perfect dead calm night.
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  6. H

    DLG - NRJ build log

    Hi all, I lurk here a lot but have only posted a couple times. I've been flying off and on for years and am looking for a new thing to try. I've watched David Windestal's Flite Test DLG video way too much over the last few years and have done a lot of other research in the hopes to purchase...
  7. Crawford Bros. Aeroplanes

    Aeronaut 2m Sailplane

    My latest design, a 2m sailplane. It was inspired by Tony Mellor's Alto saiplane, found here: https://outerzone.co.uk/plan_details.asp?ID=11611 I wanted a glider with well-rounded capabilities that could handle a variety of wind conditions. We'll see if it succeeds in that regard, but I have...
  8. cdfigueredo

    Help! New project. DLG flying wing

    Hello, guys. I've been looking for a model for flying in the wind for a while. Many have advised me to fly wings like the FT versa wing. But I'm really excited about the idea of building a DLG. I was really worried about the fact that I couldn't find carbon rods here to build the fuselage, so I...
  9. bracesport

    thread links - bracesport

    projects Flight Log - my flying log NEW - Simple Soarer - getting back into foamboard Foam Pitcheron - a 1.0m EPP foam Pitcheron for light winds (and teaching my son to fly) Vista v2 (pitcheron) - something slippery Fusion Restoration - an indestructible learners glider Pylon Racer - converting...
  10. F

    Homemade DLG Build log

    Hi guys! I am Fran from Argentina and i have just started building a homemade Discus Launch Glider. I am creating this thread to show you the building process. I will be very thankful if you help me through the build, i would love to hear from you any piece of advice. I have always wanted to...
  11. F

    Help! Homemade DLG CF tail boom and construction

    Hi everybody! I would really like to build a homemeade dlg but i dont know which diameter of carbon fiber tube should i buy to make the tail boom. Do you think a 6mm diameter tube would be thick enough for a 1 meter wingspan dlg? (thats the only one i can get for a reasonable price) The wings...
  12. I

    Another guy joined the forum to milk it for secrets.

    I haven't been "new" for a few years. I have been flying RC off and on, since 2001. I started with balsa gliders, and moved into foamy warbirds. I still have gliders but now they climb up on props, and lipos instead of a spool of line bolted to a car starter. I enjoy building as much as I...
  13. SuperFrodo

    Wonky Libelle DLG flaperon throws

    For the record, I did centre my servos. I'm 90% sure I did anyway... So I just got my Libelle in the mail along with the servos and other bits Dream-Flight recommends, and I finished putting it together with barely enough daylight left to give it a few javelin throws to satiate my desire to fly...
  14. M

    2nd post: My Mini DLG is broken. (How) can I fix this?

    Hi guys, I have posted here once for help "building" my Mini DLG from Hobbyking, and got great answers. Now after 2 flying sessions (which were a learning process and a complete blast!) the boom is split right under the wings and I am not sure (how) I can repair it. :( Maybe you can offer some...
  15. M

    Hi guys! Noob question about dlg "build"

    Hi guy, Noob from Vienna, Austria here. I have a quick nooby question concerning my plan to buy and "build" the Hobbiking Mini DLG: I am planning to bind my MLP6DSM transmitter (from a HH Sport Cub S) to the OrangeRx R410X DSMX Compatible reciever I am planning to use. I learned that you can...
  16. S

    Getting started with DLG

    I have been hooked on sailplanes for a while now, and am looking to head into DLG gliding. Can anyone provide suggestions as to what air frame to start with? I have considered the libelle and HK alternatives. I'm not afraid of spending 150-350 likely about the limit on this plane, but I don't...
  17. S

    DLG / Sailplane episode

    It has been quite a while since we have had a episode on non-powered rc (well aside from the sparrow as a chuck glider). A getting started in gliding showcasing DLG, powered/unpowered gliders and warmliners would make for a great episode. Helping to get people prepped as the spring weather...
  18. N

    DLG Show

    Hi Guys, you all make an amazing show. Love to watch it. I was thinking, no one out there seems to have come up with a good DLG out of DTFB. It is something that I am trying to figure out and I think might be a very fun project. In terms of the plane, I am trying to figure out a short bodied...
  19. Croom

    DLG Flying at California Beach

    A fun day at the beach with my UMX Whipit.
  20. J

    dl fling no work(dlg) need help

    when i launch it it goes up and down like a rock. how do I make it work. it goes ten feet then stall (not a tip stall) how do i make it work?