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Second plane suggestions

After flying my Champ for awhile I think I'm about ready to get my second plane. Aileron trainer time.

I will warn you though I am being picky about what I get :black_eyed:

First of all, the qualifiers.

I have built an FT Flyer (poorly) and while I'm no where near giving up on scratch building, I do want to progress my skills on a known good flying plane instead of my poor building skills holding me up. So suggestions should be factory kits or ARF's, not scratch builds.

I have a Tactic 650 radio that I like and would like to use that if possible.

I have looked at and briefly flown a T28 which is widely considered a good 2nd plane and it was not for me. I'm looking for something much slower than the T28, able to be landed on grass and possibly gravel, bigger than the Champ to handle winds, and brushless for reliability.

So far I've come up with 2 styles that seem to fit those criteria. All of the Cub variants particularly the Multiplex Fun Cub and the Bixler 2/Easy Star type planes.

I have considered the Apprentice-SAFE technology looks incredible and I can see it being a real plane saver and the different modes are wonderful. However, many reports of weak front landing gear have made me leery.

Also considered was the Sensei-Flyzone, so I binds right to my existing radio which is a bonus but reports of smoked motors and ESC's on those have me concerned.

Ok, I hope that was enough info to narrow down the choices. Are there any other planes that I should be considering but am not? Like I said before, I'm more interested in bigger planes that fly slow and controllable than trying to break any speed records. The Champ is plenty fast for me to be honest. I just want to learn aileron turns and be able to handle more wind than the Champ can deal with.

Thanks in advance for your help!


I'm a care bear...Really?
Have you thought about a wing like a teck-sumo or something like that? The apprentice seems like the way to go if your worried about loosing control and crashing. The bixler style planes a good too. They can grow with you and can end up being a decent fpv platform for you.
Thanks for the replies. As far as the Bixler/Easy Star planes go, is there any one that is particularly better than the other?

There is the
Bixler 2
Easy Star
Dynam Hawk Sky
Graupner Electro Rookie
Sky Surfer

Any others that I should consider?
Just a little update. I went a little overboard when I went to the LHS in search of an Easy Star type plane. They had a sale going on and I bought a Radian and a 1sq mini quad. Yikes!

Maidened the Radian and wow, what a plane! I was a little intimidated by the sheer size of it at first but I shouldn't have been worried. It is a total pussycat once up in the air. I know I was looking to learn ailerons but this one flies so well I'm not missing them yet. Landings are also wonderful (although they do require a LOT of space) Just line it up and cut the power, that's all it needs.

The 1SQ quad wouldn't bind to my Tactic TTX650 however so I haven't gotten a chance to fly it yet. Heli Max has been great to work with so far and a new control board is being sent to take care of the problem. Reports on it when I get it up and going :)