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Seen the New E-flite V-22® Osprey?

Like It?

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Yes, the rotors are too small, and the cheater fan is a shame but it does look cool and at least you won't accidentally break your rotas by switching to forward flight on the ground


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I like it because it's different. That being said I don't like the cheater fan and I'd really want to check out how well it changes from vertical to forward flight. Since the rotors are so small I see problems with it losing altitude quickly when changing from up to forward.
I saw the photos online and I don't like the looks of it. The rotor blades are too small and they're using a 3rd cheater motor for stability. I'd love to get my hands on an Osprey from http://www.rotormast.com/en/, but they are crazy expensive.
I was thinking the same thing. Even just a clear canopy would have improved the looks. I actually am planning on buying the rotormast model later this year. I've been staring at that model since I was a kid, and I think its probably time to bite the bullet and get around to it. Plus, the builder is another local Bell employee, so I can bug him if I have any issues.


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Not sure the cool factor cancels out the price tag. Might have considered it at 1/2 to 2/3rds the cost.

It looks “okay” (better in the air than on ground...)

I have seen some variable pitch prop setups but they seem setup for lighter indoor flying. Most of the diy transformers use a third prop/fan... I think you would need variable pitch (or some really tuned in motors!) I have seen some bi-coptors co I know the software/hardware is there (or darn close.)...

Maybe we should challenge FT to build a “true” transition aircraft...