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Servo bad?

Hello everyone,

My servo for Aileron control seems to not be working right. Any clues why? It's giving me 50% in one direction and 100% in the other. I'm using a DX6i transmitter. I reset the model to default and did another bind. Same thing. The control arm on the servo is the same length and the quick connects are in the same holes on left and right. Everything appears to be symmetrical when in the neutral position. Trim is in the middle too. Checked all Transmitter settings and they appear to be default.

Any ideas? thanks


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Are you using 1 or 2 servos for aileron control - If 2, swap the leads and determine if it's the servo, or a setting in your radio.
Check mechanically that there is no binding in the hinge.
Check the sub trim and the travel adjust settings, make sure no mixes are programmed
if the sub trim has a high value (+ or -) try setting the subtrim to 0 then try to get your horn as close to center as possible for a starting point.
What kind of plane?
1 or 2 serovs?
There is only 1 servo. It's the Bloody Wonder.
I tested without the control rods attached. Same problem.
Transmitter channels reset to default, verified, and re-bind (rebound?) to the receiver.
No mixes, adjustments, or trim on transmitter are set.

I'll check the plastic gears in the next few days. Getting late and busy weekend.

Thanks for the reply.


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If you're sure it's not something in the Tx, like a differential setup, then it's probably a stripped gear in the servo.


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Yes, the obvious tests will be to 1) swap with another servo and see if the problem persists. or 2) test the servo on another channel on the receiver.
Sorry it's been a while since I posted. I've been busy with work. When I have free time I'm out flying. I posted this in my Bloody Wonder page, but throught I'd give the info here too in case you didn't see it there.

I had so many things going on it was hard to figure out. It was a combinations of things causing one aileron to move twice as far as the other. First, I was tired the night I posted the messages. Sometimes I get so focused to where I just want to work on something until it is finished. I guess I was quite tired and to the point of being easily confused. I left the project alone for a few days and returned to it with a fresh mind. It turned out to be the following problems at the same time. The first two items were the big factors.
- The servo arm was not molded/cast properly. One side was longer than the other.
- The packing tape was restricting one of the ailerons from having full motion.
- There was too much throw in the ailerons. I had to dial them down to about 40% and it flew perfect.
- Quick connect wasn't adjusted properly. I loosened both quick connectors, centered the servo, then tightened the quick connects.