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Should I get a Ventus as my first real plane?

Hi i'm fairly new to R/C flight, and want to get a Hobbyking Ventus to be used as a trainer. Is this a good idea if I disable the ailerons, flaps & landing gear until I get more experience? The reason I want this plane is so when I get enough flight time I can enable some of the more advanced features.

Also is there a max weight I can put on the ventus? Thinking about a live FPV camera/system.
Also considering the Radian Pro with same settings as i said above.

Does anyone know of a way/place to get the radian pro + a decent TX/RX with lots of features like this + shipping to this zip for under $220? "19047 PA"
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I do not think that the Ventus is a great first real plane and you should not disable the ailerons and other things.
Try to get a Radian Standard - not the Pro if you want a plane as a trainer.
None of those planes are the best for FPV.
I'm a big fan of the AXN Floater Jet, aka Clouds Fly. It's a great plane to learn on and grow with. Purchasing a first plane needs quite a few "acessories" as well. Search the forums for Colorex's thread about when he was shopping for his first plane. I and others posted several ideas for what he should purchase. I think he ended up getting a Bixler... also a good/fun plane.


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Yep, the Bixler is a brilliant plane. I highly recommend it to beginners, as it is super easy to fly and can be used as a thermal hunter, sport plane and a FPV platform just to name a few. The Ventus is a one trick pony, that's very good at what it does, but I don't think you can beat the Bixler as a great all round beginner-> advanced plane. And the Bixler is dirt cheap from Hobbyking. The AXN is also great, but is very cramped for room in the fuselage. I like the Radian, but, like all HH stuff it's expensive. You can get a Turnigy 9x, batteries and a Bixler for quite a bit less than a PNF Radian.


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As said before, the Ventus is not good option. Start with a Bixler/Skysurfer/Wildhawk/Easystar. Then as you progress, you can put in all sorts of crazy things: ailerons if there is not any programmable flaps, landing gear if you really want that, lights, more powerful motors, extra control surfaces.


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Yea!!!! All food for thought and great advise. I have been flying the Bixlers for a while and they can be modified alot. External motor mounts, bigger motors and take to Gorilla glue and duct tape like a champ!!!
AXN is what I'd go for. Excellent plane for a beginner. Bixler is another one though the AXN is slightly smaller and easier to fit in a car. I have the AXN and buddy box it for all my friends/kids to fly.