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Show me your Bat-Safe!


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I loved the idea of a BatSafe so much that I bought one awhile back as my battery collection no longer fit into my power pack lipo bags. I also started to lose any trust that they would do anything against the ~20kmah of batteries stuffed in each one. As I was setting it up I quickly learned that my HiTec charger is NOT ideal. Had I planned a little better I would have known this. However I think the real issue is with the charger and the problems I run into.

A little background first. Two things usually happen before I go flying. I don't usually get much notice so I want to charge enough batteries to fly 3 hours at short notice. Second, I usually don't fly for 3 hours so I usually bring a pile of fully charged batteries home. Keep with me, this relates to the Bat-Safe. The biggest issue with the BatSafe I've found is that it really is meant for using a single charger with very generous charging/balancing leads. For me this means that if I want to charge batteries fast, I have to use my old charger outside the bat safe. Defeating the point. It also means that if I bring back 4-5 batteries unused I have to discharge them one at a time. The second thing I've learned about the Bat-Safe is that the charger mount is really terrible for my style charger. It bumps the charger into the table. It falls off.

Please show me your Bat-Safe setup (with descriptions) and share what you like and don't like about it.

My setup: