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Show off your HZ Super Cub!


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The 1st flight of the Super cub "XXX"

Weather : light rain , dark clouds , wind, cold , sun burst.
Camera : XTC200VP3 by midlandradio.
and a Grate Flight ! She fly most exllent.

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well I got one more Super Cub LP ,

Yes , I have a few ...... But this one is made for one of my kids
Its stock for the most part , It is hand made by parts , and done in
some , Its all done in EconoKote ,its a covering, here is the info on it
382s.JPG 386s.JPG 384s.JPG
she has a dx5 for it , and She pick out all the coloring for it , and she will put the stickers on it that she wants too.
I did Paint all the purple stuff purple :)
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More combat please...
So does the plane match the dress?
Or does the dress match the plane?

Looks awesome.

Either way you ought to be able to pick it out in the air.
I haven't ever seen clouds that color.
Not on this planet anyway.


Elemental Madness
Ok, I'm finally going to try to show off what I have done. I've been asking a lot of questions lately, but I think I have everything figured out.
So, here's Koda, my Super Cub.


Just waiting for the esc. Then I'll throw the motor on there, put the wires in, and fly it around.
Looks good Carbon. Just a small sugestion and you may have already done this but you might put some stripes or something similar on the bottom of the wing for orientation. I may be mistaking but the bottom color looked the same as on top.


Elemental Madness
the bottom is black, it is hard to tell in the picture. I am planning on putting 2 white stripes on each side and also maybe a blue stripe on the leading edge on the top.

EDIT: colorex, I just put everything back in that box to show all the parts I have. I usually store my lipos together in a tool box.