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Show us some Bombers!

Specifically WWI and WWII Bombers.

While I do love the fighter planes and they have great performance. My drive to get into flying RC planes was to eventually pilot a B17. So while I'm practicing my skills and waiting to get to the point where I can fly one, lets kick this thread off with some Bombers!

In order to keep this thread alive it doesn't even have to be a pic of a bomber that you own. It only has to be RC, flown in WWI or WWII and a bomber.....that's it!

German Gotha Heavy Bomber

Heyford Bomber


B17 Nine O Nine (I've been in the real one, such an amazing plane!)

A26, Don't see too many of these around

Junkers Ju 88

What are some of your favorites?


We like to make em out of styrofoam cups. Get 3 styrofoam cups (get more, you're going to use em) and a hot glue gun, a bag of flour and some paper and scissors. Cut a piece of paper to fit in the top of a coffee cup and then fill the cup with flour. Hot glue the paper over the flour to hold it in. Run a beed of glue around the rim of the cup and put another coffee cup upside down, rim to rim, on top of it and hold till the glue drys. Now put another cup bottom to bottom on the top of that.

The paper keeps the flour in the front of the first coffee cup so that when you drop it, it will drop head first like a bomb should. When it hits the ground it'll puff out quite a bit of flour which will go away after a good rainstorm.
Once I glued the cups together empty, cut a hole in the top of one and filled it with water with a squirt of temper paint in it. Then I glued the tail cone on and dropped that from about 100 feet up. Buddy, that made a 16 ounce paint bomb that made me real glad it hit the runway where I was aiming. It would have hurt if it hit someone and I can't imagine what a pound of water hitting a car hood at 70 mph would do. Make an interesting claim I'm guessing. It left a divot on the flying field in late august after the summer bake had turned it pretty much to concrete.

The flour bombs are a blast though. Come in low and fast, pull up vertical and release and then pull back and away. The "Nuclear Ballistic deployment" drop they used to practice with 104's and B-58's and the likes so they could release their bombs and get the hell out of shakey town. You can throw those darn flour bombs 100 of yards that way. It's fun.