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Simple build pod and boom gliders

Ive been making some good flying pod and boom gliders using a foam KFm9 wing.the build logs are here

depending on the thickness of the foams you have available you can go normal size at 1.7m with a 3mm build, or , if you have some 2mm you can make some very lightweight ones..

All go fine, but for me the lightweights are winning out...
they pick up on the lightest of lift, and have very good penetration despite their low weights..and their wings are not too bouncy in flight..

smaller wings at 1-1.2M are aerobatic bigger are less so but all will take a bit of chucking about

All of these are simple builds.. all pod and boom even the birdy
Pic 3 shows the more normal size and weight model, the other three are lightweights


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What timing. I just scored two dozen 32" carbon arrow shafts from e-bay yesterday and I have a large stash of blue fan fold foam, foam board, colored tape. Looks like another project for me.



Elemental Madness
Great looking planes. I was just looking at these on RCgroups!
by the way, earthsciteach, how do you pronounce your user name/what does it mean?