Simple Cub Power Upgrade


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I recently bought, build and maidened a FT Simple Cub with FPV - my first plane ever. i was a little bit over-confident and went straight ahead to adding an Ardupilot capable autopilot - the Matek H743 Wing V2 - after six flights. I also managed to maiden these mods yesterday, but it was a rough flight and three crashes. Apart from the turbulences caused by the unsteady wind, i had to keep my throttle at roughly 50% to maintain altitude, while it was around 30% before. With the autopilot mods, I raised the takeoff mass from 560g to 660g, so I am worried that this is close to the limit the default power pack B can handle (with 1550mAh 40C 3S batteries).

So my question for you: What do you recommend for power upgrades? If possible, I would love to stick to the current batteries.

I would also like to hear your thoughts on going for a twin engine (maybe later with differential thrust). This would allow me to mostly stick to my current hardware, and just double the number of batteries, ESCs, motors and propellers. Regarding mounting, I would try to stuff both batteries into the fuselage and design a custom mount which goes below the wings. Maybe it is a bit overengineered, but I would like to take on an engineering challenge.

I wish you soft landings,