twin engine

  1. T

    Simple Cub Power Upgrade

    Hello! I recently bought, build and maidened a FT Simple Cub with FPV - my first plane ever. i was a little bit over-confident and went straight ahead to adding an Ardupilot capable autopilot - the Matek H743 Wing V2 - after six flights. I also managed to maiden these mods yesterday, but it was...
  2. Spr0ck3t

    The Phat Slug - Twin Engined A-Tail R/C Plane with complete plans and detailed instructions!

    Hey folks! As I have promised a while ago, when I made a video (linked below) with the Phat Slug, here are the complete plans and detailed (almost 30 pages!) instructions: Even if you are not interested in the ugly plane itself, I strongly recommend...
  3. P

    Diagnosis help request

    Hi folks! If I missed the obvious location for help requests, please point me in the right direction. I am having difficulty with my first twin engine plane. I have successfully flown the Explorer, Bushwhacker, and Versa. I am getting the Sea Duck ready and having difficulty with the throttle...
  4. Bavarian_RC

    Plane Bavarian RC Heinkel-219 V1.1

    Bavarian RC Heinkel-219 Designed By: Bavarian RC Plans By: Bavarian RC The Heinkel He-219 Uhu ("Eagle-Owl") was a night fighter that served with the German Luftwaffe in the later stages of World War II. A relatively sophisticated design, the He 219 possessed a variety of innovations, including...
  5. Aero_Knight

    F-117 FlatHawk (Twin Engine)

    Went with a different approach with my original F-117 design. I used a larger scale and put a second motor on it for 3-4” push props. I went with elevons similar to the Flitetest F-22 instead of standard aileron elevator setup like my original. I am still tinkering with my old design but this...
  6. shadeyB

    Help! Twin engine - BEC question

    Hi pilots, I’m building my 1st twin engine, thrust vectoring jet 😍 do I need to programme mix my radio for the 2 engines or can I run the 2 BEC’s off a Y lead Thanks
  7. Aero_Knight

    FT Style Mini P-38/61 "Black Lightning"

    There is a post for future FT Plan Ideas and there was some discussion on the P-38 and I decided to jump in and do a design from scratch and it ended up being a bit more than what the original goal was. Thoughts, opinions, ideas are welcome while I finalize the design. Here is the result of a...
  8. Geniuslike

    Twin EDF Concept aka the "Thunderjet"

    So my first introduction to RC airplanes many, many years ago was the so called "Thunderjet" by Silverlit. (Those not familiar, most silverlit airplanes are two channel, twin engined, thurst vectoring toys with brushed motors) It provided me many hours of fun, and to my surprise, it even flew...
  9. Mid7night

    Part 3D Printed Motor Mount Pod 1

    This is a motor mount & pod that I made for my highly modified FT Super Bee, because I wanted a stronger motor mount for my application, but it can be used anywhere similar motor mounts are found on FT planes. If using on the FT Super Bee, you will need to cut two additional slots in the...
  10. Hayduke27

    First Twin- Question About Connections

    I have just about finished building the FT Guinea Pig, which will be my first twin engine airplane. I am currently connecting all of the electronics, and was hoping somebody could line me out a little on whether or not I'm doing things correctly. As I currently have things hooked up, I have...
  11. R

    Does a DX4E and AR400 ALONE work with the Twin Engine planes AND power packs here?

    Does a DX4E and AR400 ALONE work with the Twin Engine planes AND power packs here? Just wondering, i might buy one :D
  12. I

    help with turnigy 9x differential

    hello and i have a question, i have been searching for hours to try and find out how to set up differential throttle mixing for a twin engine:mad::mad::mad:. i have built the ft cruiser and i cannot figure it out, if you know how to please explain it as if i were and infant. i do not know how to...