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Help! Simple Cub Takeoff/Power Problem

What should I change?

  • Power Pack

    Votes: 1 25.0%
  • Battery

    Votes: 2 50.0%
  • Propeller

    Votes: 1 25.0%
  • All of the above

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters
A 10X6 will be too much prop for the recommended power pack B motor which is a 2212-1050kv. I run a 9x4.5 on my Piper Cub but have used a 9x6 previously. the 9x4.5 is more responsive to throttle in my experience but both will work.

If you are running a power pack C motor, the 22180-1180kv, then a 10x4.5 up to a 10x6 will work fine.
Also, did you mean 2218B 1180kV?
The B pack motor is well suited for the Cub with a 3S battery that weighs about 150grams. I hesitate to recommend an Amp-Hour size because two different brands with the same Amp--hour rating can have significantly different weights. You can get a Tattu 1800mah that weighs 156g that will work fine but there are many 150g batteries with larger Amp-hours but are a bit spendy.
In other words are you saying a C Pack Motor won't work on the Simple Cub?
In other words are you saying a C Pack Motor won't work on the Simple Cub?
I am saying the Simple Cub works perfectly fine with a B pack motor. The C pack will give you much more thrust/speed. You will have to play with the battery location to move it back further as the C motor is about 1/3 heavier. Otherwise the CG will be farther forward and be nose heavy. The C pack will let you swing a bigger prop and the plane will be highly responsive to controls. Thus are you moving away from a slower trainer type plane and towards and intermediate to advanced plane that requires a bit more skill to fly.
I still want it to be a trainer, but the airplane can't get enough lift with the motor that is on it. I looked at the screws, and that's not the problem. I'm not sure what my problem is.


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Honestly at this time... I would say... Mount the most onto a block of wood...
Then attach the prop, and while holding the wood, throttle the motor up all the way....
Record a video of this....
And post it here ..
Also on your battery, how many C's is it? There should be a number like 30C on the label...

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Hey! So sorry I haven't been posting on here! I ordered propellers and have been waiting for them to arrive! This is the sound that the motor makes without the propeller on: https://youtube.com/shorts/zqWE9UlRswU?feature=share
This is what it sounds like with a propeller on: https://youtube.com/shorts/n30qu5BgkOQ?feature=share
From what I can tell, without a motor sounds worse than with a motor. Any other suggestions and help available?
That sounds exactly as it should, which means your motor/battery/esc setup is not the issue.
I recently built the FT Simple Cub and painted it. I tried taking it off and it seems that the B Motor, battery, or propeller (don't know which) is causing the airplane to not be able to take off. At first I tried to take it off, and it drove on the ground, but didn't takeoff. Then I tried to hand launch it, and it did just a straight nose dive in the ground. The propeller broke, so I replaced it. Had the same problem the next day with it not being able to takeoff. Any suggestions? Should I change to a C Pack? Bigger battery? Bigger propeller? All of the above? Anything will help!
Hey what's your battery capacity, I had an issue with my cub using the 2200mAh lipo, I switched to a 1500mAh 3s, you can try my method or maybe get an even smaller battery like 1200 or 1000
EDIT: if you can then get a higher C