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Simple, light & fast Quad


Misfit Multirotor Monkey
I finished my all CF quad. I made it a dead cat with the same angle as my tri to accept the 1350 lumen CREE module. I tried to make it as simple and light as possible with minimal planform obstruction. It has amazing vertical lift. I'm guessing around 90-100 feet per second at 95% throttle.

It has Rctimer A2830/8s with 0947 CF props with the HK 20A ESCs and a 4S 90C 2200 controlled by the KK2 v1.6. However, I may put DT750s on it in a couple weeks with 1147s so I can lift what I want. I made the legs somewhat long to get a tarot gimbal underneath.

It's a 2-plate clamp-on square booms, angled 30 degrees off a standard H-frame. I put the ESCs out under the props to reduce the 16g wires going inside the booms to 2. But I have the three motor wires running under the ESCs, so it's kind of break even. I turned the ESCs vertical to reduce the planform obstruction, so I can stress them a bit more in that I have plenty of airflow over the heat sinks. I have the receiver raised and mounted on a small fir block so the rx antenna isn't sitting directly on the CF plate. The only thing not simple was making the ESC control wire extension.

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Misfit Multirotor Monkey
It's very pretty indeed. How much did all that CF cost you?
Thanks. Not too bad, but not dirt cheap either. I got two sticks of 10mm Sq. CF tube and one sheet of 1.5mm CF from HK all for around $30. I cut the sheet in thirds, and cut one of the thirds up for the legs.

Beauty. What is the all up weight?
Thank you too. The frame plates, booms, legs, ties and 16 nuts & screws came in at 167g.
The four 1300kv 2808s are 208g.
Four ESCs are 112g.
The 4S Lipo is 250g.
Rx and KK2 around 30g

Props, wiring/solder/shrink, battery straps, nylon wire cover and foam come in around 202, because the total is right at 969.


Misfit Multirotor Monkey
Oh my . . . HK just released a slimmed down 20A AFRO ESC. Not quite small enough to go into a carbon fiber 10mm square tube, but certainly small enough for half-inch aluminum or 15mm CF tubing.

Very tempting to build something around it! The more stuff you can get out of the thrust column and the general airstream the better. It's using 30A rated FETs, but is down-rated to 20A because of the wiring and there's basically no heat-sink, so it would need to be treated with kid gloves.

Hot Dang, 4S is fun to fly with a light quad. . .

I'm still getting a lot of prop-wash wobble on descending straight down that needs to be tuned out to be minimal.

Holy Jebus! Since I am interested in shall we say passively learning about multirotors, how does on go about adjusting for prop wash on such a quad? Is it more of a mechanics issue or control board calibration?


Misfit Multirotor Monkey
Oh, I'm pretty sure it's impossible to get rid of prop-wash wobble during a hard accent, I've just been trying to get it to be minimal by tweaking the P gain in auto level and the tweaking the P-I editor.


Misfit Multirotor Monkey
Built two foam-board removable LED light mounts. I put white on the front plates and red and green along the lower edges for port and starboard. They are removable and stay in position by toothpicks.

Now time to put the CREE module on. :D



Misfit Multirotor Monkey
Added an 'orientation wand' and two corn lights on the end. I found if I'm up more than 300 feet or so, even during the day, colored props, bright bi-colored frames, and even LEDs, don't help much. At night, the blue and red lights merge into one blob at a great enough distance. I'm now leaving the wand on even without all the other stuff. Even with the corn lights not on, it helps immensely. Also, the silhouetted spinning dancer effect really comes into play at larges distances as well. Haven't noticed any drag effects at all.

Also, here's some raw video of the quad fully 'dressed out' during the day.