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Simple, light & fast Quad


Misfit Multirotor Monkey
Had a bit of an epiphany along with a serendipitous easy arrangement today.

I had been removing and remounting my anti-vibration platform by screwing and unscrewing it to the plates every time, taking me 10 minutes or more, when I realized all it needed to do was secure it with the battery straps. . .

Makes it SO much easier and faster.

Thought I'd offer this up for anyone who wants to go from a stripped down quad for fooling around, to a vibration free camera mount in 2 minutes. ;)



Some guy in the desert
Thanks, now I've got a big red plam print on my face :)

Been debating how to add a vibration isolated platform on mine for over a month because I wanted it to be easily removable. Can't believe that never occurred to me either!

Now to go finish flashing these new ESC's and get this bad boy back together...I just might have enough time tonight to start putting a platform together finally...if not I do have tomorrow off....