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Simple Soarer

my maiden of the simple soarer...I was sooo excited that I built it up the day the plans were posted
using the power front, a Hextronic 24GR 1700KV with a 6X4E and a 3cell
haven't had a chance to really take it up and loft around yet...
THANKS to FliteTest for all you have done to captivate me and a few of my good friends
now...that new indoor plane? oh man! Can't wait


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Nice one mate, congrats on a successful maiden flight. it seems very aerobatic for a glider, and the wing seems plenty strong too.
Just a quick question, what is the weight of the fuselage without the powerpod and the wing attached?
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no idea at all...I did build a longer power pod just for this plane to bring the motor and battery out further- same weight further from CG is more effective at balance...according to my jr high science teacher...and physics
I put the motor mount 1/2" behind front of gliding front end...lots of down thrust
I'll post the photos later
Ok, now I have to build one of these. Great video and congrats on the maiden. I loved your comment on getting to the point of maidening and not having it be a disaster, I know exactly what you mean.
Is there a vendor selling a package of electronics for the simple soarer? I thought I saw it somewhere but cannot find it now.
Thanks for any help.
I would say anything for the smaller ones would work well...blue wonder package from Lazertoyz?
I am using the 1700kv version of the blue wonder- faster but less umph...I have to use smaller prop with less pitch
and in the end it is better because smaller prop has less resistance during powerless flite time
just a thought...
don't know if it is OK to link to a website but I will with best intentions...
good luck


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Hey Mike!

Welcome to the forum!

The glider is made out of Adams Readyboard, a paper backed foamboard sold at Dollar Tree here in the US. It can be found in Canada, but outside that, there are other alternitives, depending on where you live.

A "speed build kit" is available in the Flite test store (link should be above), which includes lasercut foam and hardware, but no electronics. Lasertoyz resells the kits with electronics packages matched to the planes, though I'm not sure if they SS is one of the packages they sell. Shipping from either place outside the US is expensive (sometimes 2-3 times the model), but there are other options.

If you're darring enough to find a printer, the plans are always available online:


While the FT guys welcome the support, they are more interested in getting people into the hobby and independantly building and designing their own models, so don't hesitate to give it a try! If you can find the foam and print the plans, it's a great way to go!


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Sweet ! Had anyone set up an unpowered FT Simple Soarer as a discus-throw glider ? Seems like this would be easy to do ...
I doubt the FT Simple Soarer could handle the stress of a discus launch. The tail seems rather thin and I suspect it may snap off instantly unless you braced it with a carbon fiber rod.