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Simple Storch Wing not flat on Bottom

Building my Simple Storch Wing tonight and I messed up. The bottom of my wing is not flat, it curves up at the last grove before the leading edge. I have built the bloody wonder, the Simple Soarer, a blunt nose Versa, and a Spit and never had an issue until tonight. Should I scrap the wing and start over, or will it fly? Does anyone know the effect this will have? I thought I had it flat against the table until it was dry and I pulled it up to see that it didn't stay flat on the bottom. I've searched the forum and apparently I'm the only tool that screwed this up! Any advice would be appreciated.
a picture wpuld certainly help here... I'm no epert when it comes to the physics of wings, but I'd say you could at least give it a try. at least there are symmetrical wings on many 3D/Pattern planes, which are bent on the underside, and they fly quite well.
I just wpuldn't handlaunch it tp be sure.
I'd take a chance, it should fly. It could stall differently, and as Mad Milkman said many aerobatic planes use a symmetrical wing.
Probably fly inverted beautifully
Thanks everyone. I will try to fly it, I just thought if it was hopeless I'd just take the electronics back out and make another wing right away. I tried to take some photos but it is really hard to see. I'll see what happens!