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I've been wanting to get started flying airplanes after years of nitro sports cars and sailing yachts. I've been told to get in a lot of simulator time before trying to crash a model. I have been playing with FMS and a E-Sky controller. Problem is I haven't been able to make it work on my desktop computer so I've been stuck with it on a laptop with a small screen. Now not being a young buck I have problems seeing the models at times and I find some of the models don't exactly work the way I think they should (no rudder or some other minor detail).

Are the other simulators on the market worth the extra money? If so witch ones are better (loaded question).


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How much do you want to spend?
Another free sim is RC Desk pilot. Most likely you will have some of the same issues with FMS

Clearview flight sim was 40 bucks when I got it- Works good enough for me. This is where I drew the line with the cost/benefit ratio.

Phoenix is an OK sim but is starting to get into the expensive range- comes with a controller. The heli guys like this sim a lot

Real Flight is a good sim with it's own controller and tons of other features but is expensive.

Even the free sims, provided you can get them working for you, can provide a huge benefit.
Mostly what they will help you out with is orientation issues. A good sim and a good trainer you will be on your way.


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FMS has issues with Windows Vista/7 I got it to work on my laptop but my dual processor desktop is too fast and the video breaks up. I'll try the RC Desktop tonight and if I can't get that to work on the desktop I'll start looking into the others.


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Do some extensive google searching
I was able to get FMS to work eventually even with WIN 7
The answer is buried out there somewhere...
I think part of the solution was to use flying fields that use a photolistic image and may have even had to play with the image size.
Been too long since I did it for me to remember.


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Two different computers, both running 7. One is old laptop slow with limited memory runs just fine. The other is custom built (I'm an IT guy for the 8-5 job) Dual core gobs of memory big difference is the desktop is a 64 bit machine. FMS video refresh rate is too slow for that machine. The RC Desk Pilot works fine but I'm having controller problems with it. Haven't had a chance to fiddle with it yet.


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agreed, phoenix is awesome, I love it. The only problem is it is heli based(sorry glydr) and for the planes, there are few choices of actual planes, just a type, not a brand.