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Skill level...


Junior Member
If i'm able to fly an RC Powers F18 v2( Without crashing) Will I be able to fly the FT Cruiser?? I'm almost half way through the build.


Amateur Extra Class K5TWM
Should not be a problem but it may be faster than the F18 v2 depending on the power plant you have in each craft. I started with RC Powers builds myself about 2 years ago.



Dedicated foam bender
I think you'll find that the biggest obstacle to flying more advanced planes, is your ability to keep your orientation and be able to react with the right correction almost without thinking about it. It sounds like it's going to take awhile but it varies by the person and how often you get something in the air. A sim can help a LOT!


Junior Member
I Got 2 1200Kv NTM motors, 28 series. I'm planning on using a 2100Mah 3cell. Maybe if I fly it going easy on the throttle I would be able to fly it. On my F18 I used a foam board that is a bit heavier than the one I used to build my FT Cruiser.