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Sky writing

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Dunno if anyone has thought of this, but what if you took something like this:


and attached it to a plane? You'd need to tweak the display "print" speed, but with a little be of practice, come up with some awesome photos.

I'm way off being at a skill level to night fly, so mybe one of the more accomplished pilots could have a go?

Would be awesome to print the flitetest logo across some landmarks!

It might even work with the eyes persistence when traveling at speed?

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Rotor Riot!
That effect is called POV persistence of vision. Sure can be done on a plane!
I'll google something up for you.

Edit: Google adafruit, miniPOV, or spokePOV and you'll find info on that kind of stuff.
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Yes POV is correct - I wrote some code for Arduino flashing a couple of LED's. It is tricky to get to the correct speed unless you have a meter or something to tell when to blink the LED

There is 1 option...at a given RPM of the motor (attach a RPM sensor) you can write code to blink your LED's
(the sensor can blink LED in a suitable speed to RPM but the LED's has to be lit up a certain amount of time to be readable(a couple milliseconds)
So you might need to divide RPM by a factor of 2 or 3 to get a suitable readability...

If you have LED's mounted on the wing - say 10 LED in a row you have to write letters that are 10 points(pixels) high and they are usually designed like an array

When I did mine I only had 7 but it should be pretty straight forward to convert to 10 digits or more...