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Slope/Dune Soaring question


Professional noob
We have a small place on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan, and there is a large dune and it is pretty much always windy. I have started to think about building a cheap DollarTree foamboard plane that is 4 channels or less and can withstand fairly windy conditions and is a good beginner slope soarer. I would prefer not to design my own plane, to save hassle and due to my shoddy design skills, so which FT design would be best for this application?

PS: I am a major noob and have flown my 3 beginner planes for a total of maybe 2 hours, and I have not flown in any wind above 10 mph. Any tips for 'dune soaring' would be greatly appreciated.


Professional noob
I think the Simple Soarer would probably do the trick.

You want something with relatively low wing-loading, but if the wind is strong you also want it to be able to penetrate and carry momentum. There's a user-build of a simple plank-wing called the Weasel which also would be appropriate: http://flitetest.com/articles/ft-wea-el-soarer
I had a few questions regarding the Weasel.
Is the top section of the wing that is folded over flat or is it curved for an airfoil?
Also, It looks like the design uses beveled edges on the actual edges of the wing. Do these need to be glued together or folded over or left alone?